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Systems Training
We are currently working with a records management firm to develop an online, on-demand solution to train their clients on the software application they use to manage their document storage.

The recommended solution features a highly engaging and interactive online training course; a comprehensive help system written from a user functionality perspective; and a recommended hosting and LMS solution that meets their needs today, with an eye to future enterprise capabilities and features, while eliminating the need for costly future events such as data migration, system conversion, and capacity increases.
Continous Learning
Along with client work, Performance Associates works toward continuous learning and improvement.

Robin recently returned from the first residency of her doctoral program. Keith recently launched the company’s Blog site (accessible from Robin's Blog).
Performance Associates wins 2007 Omni Award
omni award
June 6, 2007 - Media Corp. Inc., today announced the winners of the Omni Intermedia Awards which recognize outstanding entries in Film, Television, and Interactive productions.
A Bronze Omni Award went to Performance Associates for the production entitled ER@EOP. This production received recognition due its clear demonstration of highest quality in production and content

ER@EOP, as part of a blended learning solution, was designed to help prepare Equity Office’s property teams to effectively and efficiently handle any emergency at their property. In addition to understanding the concepts behind how to effectively handle a building emergency, ER@EOP also provides property team members with the opportunity to practice (in a safe environment) how to respond to each of the six major emergency types.

Jim Owens, Senior Administrator of the Omni Awards said, "This award recognizes the most outstanding works in the field of media production and rewards those companies who can capture the imagination and effectively communicate their message."
Performance Associates would like to extend its thanks and appreciation to the team for helping make this award possible:  Paul Calhoun, Keith Donnan, Robin Donnan, Jule Kucera, Noel Lyons, and the EOP team.
Emergency response Image
celebrate 12 years
Company Milestones
Performance Associates incorporates as a 100% woman-owned Illinois corporation
Keith Donnan joins the company to expand its services to include technology-enabled performance solutions
Compensation@McDonald’s elearning project wins an internal client award
Performance Associates earns ranking of EOP’s training department’s #1 consultant
Performance Associates wins an Omni Intermedia Bronze award
Company achieves record revenues amid high customer loyalty
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